Can’t find your perfect pet? Critter Cavalry Rescue can help

Luna the dog
Luna is available at Critter Cavalry Rescue.

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Candace Giles is the founder of Critter Cavalry Rescue, a 501c3 nonprofit, that rescues from Tennessee and adopts to New Jersey, of course. Giles has a career in marketing and has worked from home since 1991. Critter Cavalry was born in response to natural disasters and human crises. The rescue also adopts out of state to North Carolina, South Carolina, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and New York.

“We’re originally in Nashville, Tennessee, and we transport up, and have been, for 14 years, coming north,” Giles said. “We stop in New York, and we use the Sussex (County) area site to post on adopt-a-pet where people are accessible in that area. We do have some foster homes in New Jersey, not many, but we are always open for that.”

Giles made a contact in Sussex after she met the co-owner of a Vernon, New Jersey veterinarian hospital, Bob Potter. When Potter and his wife retired to Nashville, they grew closer in friendship.

“So, I created a very close relationship with them. And then they moved to Tennessee, and they helped me a lot with some of the information,” Giles said. “They’re in New Jersey, connecting me with friends of theirs as well. We have quite a good number of adopters in New Jersey.”

Critter Cavalry does a thorough background check on ne pet owners because the rescue wants to vet people to make sure they can handle caretaking for cats and dogs. Giles chokes-up when she speaks about what it means to find the perfect home for a dog and it still makes her cry when dogs find a home filled with love. Upon adoption dogs are taken to the vet by the rescue who also offers food and a crate if you need it. The mission for Gail is simple: save lives.

More than money, the rescue needs fosters. Fosters help save the animals’ lives. Additionally, a piece of advice from Giles: “Think long and hard before (adopting). I’m happy that you’ve got the time, and that you want to spend your knowledge and your heart training a dog or a cat that depends on you for their everything. They are not a part-time part of your family, they are full time,” Giles said.

Laredo the dog
Laredo is available at Critter Cavalry Rescue.

Two pups who need your love:


My name is Laredo and I am a sweet, sweet American Bulldog that was born partially deaf and was recently abandoned at a dog park early one morning. A foster mom for Critter Cavalry Rescue took me home even though she already had foster dogs and some of her own, and now I am a part of the Cavalry! They are determined to help me find a great home. I am one year old. My foster mom says I’m goofy and fun. Honestly, I have never had a stable person take care of me, I’ve not been walked often either. I am housebroken, I do respond to a dog whistle, so I can hear some sounds/spray water bottle does get my attention when I’m gnawing on the couch or something. I truly only want to please my humans and learn to be a well-mannered boy. You might think I am big and overpowering, but even though I am strong, I am terrified of a 20-pound Pomeranian in the foster home. My body is big, my heart is full of love and joy and I need to have a special family or persons that can teach me sign language, boundaries, and that you love me. I have no aggression whatsoever in my actions, even around food. Can you please adopt me? Contact us about Laredo at


Luna is a 65-pound Lab/Bulldog mix girl that is only two and has lost her home because she and her sister became possessive over their owner. Luna is heartbroken and needs a loving home that will love her as she is. She came to us beaten up and sad, but she has healed in our foster care. She is slowly learning that other dogs will not be her adversary.

Luna the dog
Luna is available at Critter Cavalry Rescue.

We want Luna to have a home that is all hers and only hers. She is not good with cats, having never lived with one. She is a sweet girl that is housebroken, crate trained and knows a few commands. She has had little to no socializing with dogs, so she struggles. We want her to have a loving home that will let her curl up next to the family and go for walks. Luna will need to be the only pet. No competition. If you are someone that wants total devotion and unconditional love from a dog then Luna is your girl! Contact us at

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