Brian Lundy knows how to woo an audience in the national tour of “Waitress”

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Lundy is outstanding in the role of Ogie

Brian Lundy has been playing the character of Ogie in the national tour of Waitress since 2019 and surely shows the audience that he knows how to be a “scene stealer” in a good way. He shows playgoers just that in the national tour of Waitress, which wrapped up playing at the Kimmel Cultural Center in Philadelphia on April 3 and will also run at the State Theater New Jersey in New Brunswick from April 14-16.

Lundy is outstanding in the role of Ogie. He shows the adorable side of Ogie and uses plenty of physical comedy to garner laughs which he does successfully. His performance of “Never Ever Getting Rid of Me” leaves the audience wanting more. He exudes humor to where your belly can jiggle from laughter. You can read my review of Waitress to get a broader sense of how perky and full of energy his performance is.

I had the privilege of catching up with Brian Lundy, and he was gracious enough with his time to shed some more light on his Waitress role. He shared his thoughts on what it was like growing up in a Brooklyn neighborhood and what his dream role would be. Take a seat, grab a glass or cup of your favorite drink and learn more about Lundy while he gets a little more personal.

How long have you been portraying Ogie?

Brian Lundy: I’ve been playing Ogie since we opened the tour, pre-pandemic in October of 2019.

How are you personally and Ogie the same, and how are you different?

BL: Ogie and I are both pretty optimistic and idealistic. I can’t say I’d ever tell someone, “I love you means you’re never ever ever getting rid of me,” after a first date, but I definitely understand the sentiment.

How does it feel to be part of this production?

BL: It feels so special to be able to share this story of female empowerment and community on tour. It’s such an important story to be telling, and I’m proud that I get to play a piece in it.

At what age did you start performing?

BL: I’ve been in singing and dance classes since I was a kid, but my first musical was in the 6th grade when I played Kenickie in Grease.

What part of Brooklyn did you grow up in? What was it like growing up there and being a gay theater kid, or did all that come later?

BL: I grew up in Marine Park in south Brooklyn! Theater has always been a welcome place for me to express myself and be entirely authentic without judgment, and that’s why it’s such a comfortable home.

What brings your competitive side out?

BL: Board games!

What do you find most challenging about this role?

BL: The stamina it takes to play Ogie is definitely a challenge but also a rewarding one because even on the tough days, Ogie has a way of sparking joy in Brian.

What is your all-time favorite Broadway show, and why?

BL: My favorite Broadway show is A Chorus Line because of the storytelling of the performers’ life and, of course, the choreography and music!

What is your dream role?

BL: My dream role is Bobby in Company, Elder McKinley in Book of Mormon, or really any Sondheim!

What is your favorite song in Waitress, and why?

BL: My favorite song to perform in Waitress is the Finale because I love getting to share the stage with the whole cast, and it’s such a wonderful full-circle moment for the audience to see how far Jenna has come throughout the show.

Brian, Thank you for taking time out of your schedule for this interview.

You can still see Brian Lundy as Ogie in Waitress at the State Theater New Jersey in New Brunswick from April 14-16.

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