“Break My Fall” is a realistic lesbian drama

The four cast members standing side by side.
Break My Fall (2011) Photo by Kerry Simmons
Break My Fall DVD box cover art of the two main characters
Break My Fall (2011)

Sometimes, it can be hard to choose between chasing a relationship or following our own passion. That can be especially challenging when you are stuck in the middle of a relationship that is not meant to be.

Break My Fall is a story that examines a relationship at the brink of a crossroads and whether holding onto a difficult love is more important than following your calling. Although originally released in 2011, the new director’s cut of this film is out now on digital video-on-demand services such as Prime Video.

Liza and Sally are a lesbian couple and in a rock band together. Their relationship has been starting to get rocky, and they both have to make the hard decision as to whether or not to let their romance go or allow the toxic nature of their connection to hinder the band’s success.

One thing that makes the film stand out is the subtle nature of the drama. It is soft and real, dramatic and visceral. At one time, viewing a turbulent moment of their relationship was a bit difficult to watch.

There is a very natural aspect to this movie. It really is just a story documenting a rocky relationship in an organic way.

The film has a big musical aspect, which is really neat to see. The alternative rock music band these two are part of really provides an interesting dynamic to the films story. Seeing the relationship struggles in the day to day of working hard chasing a music career at night provides an intriguing aspect to the film.

The movie features powerful messages about not letting love consume your whole self, that living a life while working in the career you want and being happy is more valuable than holding onto a relationship that is not meant to be. These messages are able to have a profound impact on the viewer.

While at times it is a little depressing and has some slow moments, the film never goes too deep into those negative territories. It all makes for a good watch. The film also presents some great insightful wisdom about relationships that ultimately help outweigh the few flaws that this film does have.

Lead actresses Sophie Anderson and Kat Redstone give powerful emotional performances. You can tell they poured their whole hearts into their portrayals of Liza and Sally. Their acting embodies heartbreak and empathy in a moving way, which is another positive part of the film. While, at times, it may be a bit hard to view a movie that focuses on a toxic lesbian relationship, the film has many redeeming things that make it a good watch.

It is also worth noting this is not the most depressing movie out there. It’s messages provide a lot of excellent wisdom about life and relationships. If you are looking for a good emotional drama, then the new director’s cut of Break My Fall is one to definitely check out.

4/5 stars