Bran Flakezz: Philly’s crown jewel of gay chaos and laughter

Philadelphia TikTok influencer Bran Flakezz
Philadelphia TikTok influencer Bran Flakezz

In a world constantly clamoring for authenticity and a respite from the daily grind, Brandon Edelman, also known as Bran Flakezz, emerges as a beacon of unapologetic joy and boisterous entertainment. Taking the digital stage from the heart of Philadelphia, this trailblazing TikToker embodies the spirit of “gay chaos,” sprinkling laughter and exuberance wherever he graces. A true tour de force, Bran Flakezz is a breath of fresh air in the ever-dynamic social media sphere, redefining what it means to be an influencer today.

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Philadelphia, Bran discovered his penchant for comedy and entertainment there. During our candid conversation he recalls, “Two years ago, when I was working in the fashion industry, I downloaded TikTok. It started just as a little hobby of mine and then blew up into my full-time career. I was just starting by posting, like trying to post a video every day, sometimes two videos daily.”

Bran has carved out a distinctive space in the digital realm, wherein every video serves as an invitation to a riotous party where everyone is welcome. His journey to stardom is peppered with moments of sheer determination as he moved “full steam ahead” to carve out a niche that has now transformed into a booming career. The world took notice of the whirlwind that is Bran Flakezz when he became a cast member on Barstool Sports’ inaugural reality show, Project Verified. Bringing his infectious energy to the small screen, Bran showcased a brand that resonates with many — one built on authenticity, laughter, and unabashed enjoyment of life.

Being one of the few prominent influencers based in Philadelphia, Bran Flakezz brings a unique flavor to the table. When asked about his passionate bond with Philadelphia, he shared, “I think Philadelphia is a part of who I am. I was born and raised here. I think this city is so underrated in so many ways. I love being known as the Philly guy.”

As Bran Flakezz continues to blaze trails in the entertainment sector, one can only anticipate the heights he will reach. His brand, a vibrant blend of “gay chaos,” laughter, and genuine connection, stands as a testament to the transformative power of joy in the digital age.

When asked about the origin of the now-infamous tagline, “gay chaos,” he responded with a chuckle, “That’s actually a really funny story. I hope you don’t mind, but I’m gonna totally steal that like I’m putting that in my bio as we speak, so that’s where like the inspiration for the phrase came in.”

The multifaceted Brandon Edelman, who has captured hearts and spurred laughter as Bran Flakezz, opened up about his blossoming journey in the realm of digital entertainment, his strong connection to Philadelphia, and the nuances of maintaining personal boundaries in the expansive world of social media.

You’re one of the few major influencers based out of Philly. How does Philadelphia shape your personality and your content? And how do you balance your personal life and your life as an influencer?

Brandon Edelman: That’s still like a learning curve for me. I always feel like I’m this big fish in a little pond in Philadelphia. It’s a part of who I am and gives me a unique edge in the content I create. The city isn’t just about the negative aspects that are often highlighted in the media; it’s vibrant, passionate, and real. As for balancing my personal life, it can be challenging since I tend to overshare. I treat my followers like my best friends on a Facetime call, sharing details about my life. However, setting boundaries is important, and I’m still navigating it, especially when interacting with followers in public places like bars.

Philadelphia TikTok influencer Bran Flakezz
Philadelphia TikTok influencer Bran Flakezz

Are there any TikTok or comedy trends that you refuse to engage in or prefer just to watch from the sidelines?

BE: Absolutely, I am very conscious about maintaining some privacy, especially when it involves my boyfriend and my family. My boyfriend, who is on his way to becoming a doctor, is more private, and I want to respect that. It’s essential not to put his career at risk or involve my family too much in the online world where negativity can sometimes flourish. Even though I might share snippets of my personal life, I steer clear of trends that invade their privacy too much.

Your content often serves as a breath of fresh air in people’s daily lives. Please shed some light on your creative process and the challenges you face maintaining a consistent posting schedule.

BE: The most prominent challenge is coming up with fresh and original ideas amidst the saturation on TikTok. I tend to share my spontaneous thoughts as content, hoping that they resonate with someone else out there. It’s comforting to find relatability on platforms like TikTok. While I enjoy creating skits, which demand more time and effort, I also appreciate the simplicity of sharing candid moments from my day. I try to cater to diverse audiences, offering a mix of hilarious content and behind-the-scenes glimpses into the life of an influencer.

Philadelphia TikTok influencer Bran Flakezz
Philadelphia TikTok influencer Bran Flakezz

Your participation in Barstool’s first reality show, Project Verified, had everyone’s eyes on you. Can you share your experience on the show and spill some tea about what happened behind the scenes?

BE: Being a part of Project Verified was an experience like no other, honestly. The entire process was surreal and more than I had ever anticipated. Going into it, I knew it would be a great opportunity and a lot of fun, but I didn’t quite anticipate the intensity and the whirlwind of emotions that would come with it. When I first got the call that I was going to be a cast member, I was beyond ecstatic. It felt like a validation of all the hard work I had put into my content creation journey. But stepping onto that set, amidst other talented creators, you could feel the competition in the air. Everyone was there to win, to prove their worth in the influencer world. It was a bit like stepping into a pressure cooker, to be honest. The days were long, filled with challenges, brainstorming sessions, and constant filming. There were moments of doubt, where I questioned if I was good enough to be there, to compete at that level. But I also found a deep reservoir of determination and creativity within me that I hadn’t tapped into before.

“And yes, I was a runner-up, but that in no way dampened the pride I felt for what I achieved there. The relationships I built and the growth I experienced as a content creator were all worth it. If anything, it fueled my desire to keep pushing, and keep evolving in this space. As for the tea, let’s say there was no shortage of drama and excitement on the set. From alliances forming and breaking down to unexpected twists in the competition, it was a roller coaster from start to finish. But amidst all that, there were also moments of genuine camaraderie and laughter. We were all in it together, after all, navigating this crazy, thrilling journey. So, all in all, it was an incredible experience, a real learning curve. And I feel I came out of it with a stronger sense of who I am as a creator and where I want to go from here.”

Philadelphia TikTok influencer Bran Flakezz
Philadelphia TikTok influencer Bran Flakezz

One of the most profound takeaways from his stint on reality TV is the difference between living the experience and watching it. The edits, the truncated narratives, and the audience reactions opened his eyes to the intricacies behind the scenes. He confesses it was sometimes frustrating to see the show through the eyes of the audience, who weren’t privy to the unedited realities of what transpired during filming. Discussing the rumor mill that spun into action after the show’s finale, Brandon sheds light on the speculations about the show potentially being rigged. He maintains a balanced perspective, stating, “I really didn’t think that was what happened. It’s just the demographic of Barstool, which influenced the results.”

He happily adds that the journey didn’t just end with the show. Brandon continues to keep in touch with most of the cast members and the host, nurturing the friendships forged during the show. He even commends the production quality, hinting that it had the potential to be a Netflix hit with extended, more detailed episodes.

As for what comes next, Brandon is brimming with excitement about upcoming projects. The future looks promising, from gracing big podcasts to potentially starting his own to forging brand partnerships with Dunkin’ Donuts. “I’m a perfectionist,” he confesses, hinting at the meticulous efforts he’s pouring into his prospective podcast. The essence of his journey seems rooted in passion and authenticity, as reflected in his careful selection of brand collaborations that align with his values and morals.

On the topic of community engagement, a critical aspect of his journey, Brandon emphasizes his efforts to maintain a personal connection with his followers. From responding to comments to holding Q&A sessions and going live on TikTok, he wants his audience to feel seen and heard.

His advice to those looking to follow in his footsteps is simple and encouraging: “Just do it.” He encourages aspiring creators to explore the platform without reservations, find their passion, and speak about it from every possible angle. Brandon concludes with words of encouragement for future creators, urging them to take the plunge without overthinking.

Flakezz’ story is a testament to the possibilities that unfold when you chase your dreams with tenacity and a genuine love for what you do.

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