“Book Tales” spurs flights of literary fancy

Cover of
Cover of "Book Tales"

David G. Hallman’s most recent collection of short stories, Book Tales is available now at your favorite LGBT book purveyor and it’s the perfect book for a late Autumn afternoon.  Whether you’re enjoying a lazy afternoon curled up in your favorite reading nook, or charging your batteries before a night on the town, you’ll want to have this collection in hand.

Hallman’s stories include some with a bit of an O. Henry twist, but my favorites are the ones that ruminate on what may have happened with actual authors. Citing his sources at the end of each, I must say my favorite book tale is “Morgan and Morris” which at its heart, posits a conversation with E.M. Forster and his most marvelous creation, Maurice.

Having just reviewed the 30th Anniversary Edition of the film of Maurice for Out in Jersey, the beauty of both the novel and the film was very fresh in my mind. Ground-breaking at its publication in 1971, decades after Forster wrote it, he had specified it could only be published after his death. Being part of a conversation Forster holds with his most LGBT famous character is priceless.

This book is the ideal thoughtful companion and when shared by friends will spark Algonquin Round Table-type discussions.  Got any friends with birthdays who have a literary bent?  How about a gift for the holidays? You may have just found the perfect gift. Enjoy!