BOOK REVIEW – Sanctified: An Anthology of Poetry for LGBT Christians, Edited by Justin Canon


The anthology, that tricky blend of writing that only a few editors can manage to get right, is sometimes a cache of fantastic writings. Yet, though beating a dead horse, it is used to help gain readership in the sometimes-forgotten world of poetry. This collection, “Sanctified: An Anthology of Poetry by LGBT Christians,” was actually a smart move on the part of editor Justin R. Cannon. For the first time ever, there is poetry presenting the religious journey of the LGBT community.

No longer should lifestyle be the decider of the faithful. Saint Peter will have to find another method for sending people away from those infamous pearly gates. Everyone in this book believes in God, trusts God, and knows that they have every right to do so, regardless of sexuality. Poets such as J. Michael Braiden, in his poem “Irrepressible,” show how an abundance of faith can keep anyone going. Faith should, after all, support personal growth.