BOOK REVIEW – Death Vow by Richard Stevenson


Donald Strachey returns for his ninth mystery in Death Vows, the newest installment in the gay private-eye series by Richard Stevenson. Strachey is hired by two wealthy Massachusetts men to investigate the intentions of a mysterious young man in marrying their friend; soon after, one of his clients winds up dead and the man Strachey is investigating becomes the prime suspect.
Stevenson once again descends into dangerous territory, this time tackling the complications that arise from the seemingly joyous event that is legal gay marriage.

He is a very witty writer with a sarcastic but always clear voice. The mystery this time around is also more complex than in past Strachey novels, with no character being who they say they are. A story that boggles the mind at first becomes an immensely entertaining read, mostly due to Stevenson’s ability to create such varied and interesting characters.