BOOK REVIEW – Andy Stevenson vs The Lord of the Lions by Kage Alan


Well folks, here’s a nice light but energetic romp through school days.  College, the final frontier this is the voyage of Andy, a 19 year old who had just discovered himself (six months previously in California) and is now exploring new people and other plot complications. All in all, he proceeds to boldly go where many of us have gone before!

With the supporting cast of: Kim, African-American female who doesn’t take crap from anybody, Tristan, a very cute boy-toy, and Alan, the half Asian and wholly domineering kid whose friendship Andy defends. A chance meeting at a party finds Andy falling for a freshman named Alan. Murphy’s Law naturally arrives for another visit as Tristan decides to make it his personal mission in life to teach Andy about the world of sex with no commitment… whether he wants to learn it or not. What’s a guy to do after promising his new boyfriend that his middle name is “Discretion?”