Bella Sky says Beacon Light crown gives her “purpose”


Bella Sky is one of the newest gals to hit the New Jersey drag scene and is making a splash. She had a show stopping performance at the Den – winning the Miss Den crown for 2014 and a scorching turn on the Miss New Jersey pageant. She has taken the title of Miss Gay New Jersey At-Large and made it her own.

She sat down for a chat about the history of Bella Sky, her competition techniques, and what it feels like to be part of The Beacon Light Fund.

Tell me how Bella Sky came about. How would you describe her?

Bella Sky 2014 2Bella Sky is the result of a couple of best friends just falling in love with drag and some drag performers at a transitional period in our lives. My sister Lea and I would YouTube videos of Ashley Blake and Nikky Sky and just be mesmerized. Although I had become a big supporter of drag and respected the art form It wasn’t until about 4 years ago that my best friend asked me to get in drag for his birthday and the rest is history. Bella Sky is a big flirt! She’s quirky and lots of fun. Definitely has her blonde moments and she loves honey buns too. Most of all she is professional, humble, and a passionate entertainer.

Bella Sky camps it upWhat inspired you to take a shot at the crown of Miss Gay New Jersey At Large this year?

I think ever since I started doing drag, competing for Miss Gay New Jersey At Large was always something I aspired to one day be able to do. I had seen many of my friends compete for the system and do many great things to help those in need. I wanted to be a part of that wonderful family and also be able to raise funds and awareness for the Beacon Light. The timing was just right. Within the last year and a half or two I decided I was going to really take my drag to the next level and show everyone what I was capable of.

What was it like to compete this year & take the crown?

Bella Sky 2014 with the crownIt was kind of now or never for me. I knew this was my moment. I’d be lying if I said it was easy. I competed with some great girls who did not go down without a fight. I was very honored and humbled by the whole experience

The Beacon Light is a legendary organization. What would you like to accomplish with your reign?

There’s so much I’d like to accomplish. When I dream I dream big. Aside from raising awareness and as much funds as I possibly can I am committed to bringing back the prelim qualifier system, reaching out and holding fundraiser’s for the straight and LGBT communities, and delivering a group of solid and worthy contestants ready to commit themselves to the cause and continue the great work.

Give me one word that describes your life right now…