Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Bettlejui.. you’ll die from laughter in Philly! 

Justin Collette and the rest of the cast dressed like Beetlejuice.
Justin Collette (Beetlejuice) & Tour Company of Beetlejuice. Photo by Matthew Murphy, 2022
Danielle Marie Gonzalez and the Beetlejuice cast on stage singing
Danielle Marie Gonzalez (Miss Argentina) & Tour Company of Beetlejuice. Photo by Matthew Murphy, 2022

Betelgeuse, Betelgeuse, Betelgeuse! Every little detail that made you laugh, smile, or guffaw when you watched the movie, Beetlejuice, The Musical, is here for it! From the first number to the last, you will laugh out loud! Your eyes will feast on the beautiful set, dancing skeletons, and gigantic sandworms, and you may never think of Katharine Hepburn in quite the same way again. 

Beetlejuice (Justin Collette) embodies the sometimes-disembodied, bio-exorcist character the entire time, never letting off the gas. The physicality of the role is expected, if you’ve seen the movie, but to do this live for two hours while singing and dancing is not only captivating, it’s jaw-dropping fun!

In her professional debut, Isabella Esler’s Lydia Deetz is perfectly gothic, and well-acted. Her voice is powerful and seems far more advanced than expected for this recent high school graduate. She is around the same age as her character, and portrays the teenage angst over her mother’s death and her father’s girlfriend with such poise and authenticity, your heart can’t help but go out to her.  

The plot revolves around a recently deceased couple, Barbara and Adam, played by Britney Coleman and Will Burton, respectively, as ghosts who want to haunt their former home to get rid of the new owners. Their portrayal of the confused, bumbling spirits is hilarious while Charles and Delia, performed by Jesse Sharp and Kate Marilley, the new homeowners, are equally funny and engaging.

When the new specters contact Beetlejuice for help from the Netherworld, it is more than ANY of them bargained for, including Beetlejuice! 

There is nothing bad about this show except that time is running short to see it in Philadelphia. Beetlejuice is playing at the Academy of Music until Sunday, June 11, 2023. Get your ghostly tickets and laughs now! 

Alyx Reinhardt
Alyx Reinhardt is an opera singer, avid adventurer, and metal detectorist. Her travels around the world have resulted in an open mind and heart. In addition to performing, she enjoys attending opera, concerts, and theatre productions. She’s lived on three continents and, happily, landed in New Jersey.