Bayard Rustin Center welcomes Rasheed Newson to the Board

Rasheed Newson
Rasheed Newson joins Bayard Rustin Center for Social Justice BOE

The Bayard Rustin Center for Social Justice welcomed Rasheed Newson to its Board of Directors. Newsom is an author, a television drama writer and an executive producer. His critically-acclaimed debut novel, My Government Means to Kill Me, tells a riveting queer coming-of-age story following the personal and political awakening of a young, gay, Black man in 1980s New York City.

After inspirational work for many non-profits, Rasheed moved to Los Angeles years ago and works in the entertainment industry. He now has an ID badge from every studio lot and highlights of his career including time spent on Lie to Me, The Chi, and Narcos.

He is the executive producer of the very successful Bel-Air that is now airing on Peacock.  

“I wrote Bayard Rustin into my novel, My Government Means to Kill Me because I revere and adore him,” said Newson. “Mr. Rustin’s legacy of embracing intersectionality and fighting for equality for all oppressed populations remains a guiding light for progressive advocates and is a constant in shaping my own work as well as my world view. I was so inspired by my community-building conversation held at the beautiful safe-space the Bayard Rustin Center for Social Justice has built that I am equally honored and humbled to share that I am joining the Center’s Board of Directors.”  

Although the Center lost its physical space during the COVID-19 pandemic it has now reopened its doors, both literally and figuratively in a new location.

The announcement was made at the Center’s new location in Princeton, NJ during Newson’s book-signing and community-building conversation last month. He joins a diverse Board dedicated to the mission of the BRCSJ: giving voice and power to those who are marginalized, forgotten, bullied or otherwise underserved by the present systems in place.

The BRCSJ will continue to serve the community on a local and national level by offering focused programming, diverse events, outreach and advocacy — concentrated on civics, community activism, and cultural instruction and appreciation aligned with the Center’s vision to educate, enlighten and empower said a press release.

“Rasheed is an extraordinary addition to our Board of Directors at the Bayard Rustin Center for Social Justice,” said BRCSJ Chief Activist Robt Martin Seda-Schreiber. “His trailblazing work in television now carried forth even more powerfully in his impactful debut novel which not only allows his own important voice to be heard as a Black queer activist but also serves to amplify the voices of oh-so-many other folx oft unrecognized & disrespected. His strong belief in our Center’s mission & exponential support of our greater community is just a continuation of the care & love he’s shown throughout his career and his personal activism & we are proud to journey with him further on this inspirational path!”

To learn more about the Bayard Rustin Center for Social Justice visit their website.