The award-winning film “Baby Steps” makes a huge impression


Baby Steps will be widely released late next week on August 15. It is a must-see for people who love independent cinema. The story is a modern one — a committed gay male multi-cultural couple, Danny (Barney Cheng, who also has written and directs) and Tate (Michael Adam Hamilton) are looking to take their relationship to the next level, but each has a slightly different idea of what that means.

A scene from the award-winning film "Baby Steps."
A scene from the award-winning film “Baby Steps.”

Danny is a high level information management sales director and Tate is an illustrator and an artist. Danny wants a child, and perhaps as or more important, Danny’s mother, Mrs. Lee (Grace Guei) wants a grandchild. However, Mrs. Lee has very set ideas on the partner that is appropriate for each of her sons, and while she is aware that Danny is (very) gay, she dissembles to her friends and does what many parents do – pretends that the inconvenient portions of her son’s life, and love, do not exist.

This is not a happy-go-lucky family film where it’s Two Gay Men and a Baby. Danny and Tate have relationship issues around children that reflect their experiences growing up and getting past the knee-jerk response can make a tear jerk or two. The strength of Mrs. Lee’s convictions and the power of her undeniable love make a nearly immovable object.

Will Danny and Tate’s love for one another survive their struggles and the meddling of the quintessential Tiger Mom? Will they have a child? The issues they face will be very, very, familiar and hit home for many. 

The film has such a deft touch with difficult issues that when it opened on Mother’s Day in Taiwan in 2015, it became part of a national discussion that ultimately led to legalization of LGBT marriage there in May 2017. Further, the US State Department has held showings in US Embassy locations in China, Mongolia and Myanmar, and throughout Asia to share the importance of LGBT rights and equality.

Barney Cheng gives us a great deal to consider that will remain with you for a while to come. Share the film with your friends. When we take chances on love, as Danny and Tate do, we create communities of love.  

Baby Steps will be released via Gravitas Ventures on August 15th on DVD, Blu-ray, VOD and across digital platforms including iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play. For more information