Babs Siperstein Law is now in effect in New Jersey

(left to right) Babs Siperstein, Jennifer Long, Gov. Phil Murphy, & Brenda Fulton at the Transgender bill signing
(left to right) Babs Siperstein, Jennifer Long, NJ Gov. Phil Murphy, & Brenda Fulton at the NJ Transgender bill signing


The Babs Siperstein Law allows individuals to change their gender identity on their birth certificate without “proof of surgery” in the State of New Jersey. It went into effect on February 1, 2019.

The Law is named after Babs Siperstein a lifelong New Jersey resident and the first transgender person to become a member of the Democratic National Committee. She served on the DNC until 2017. New Jersey is also the fourth state to add a gender neutral option ‘X’ on birth certificates, along with Oregon, California, Washington and New York City.

“The Babs Siperstein law is a historic, life-changing moment for transgender New Jerseyans,” said Garden State Equality Executive Director Christian Fuscarino. “New Jersey has always been a leader for LGBTQ equality, and this law moves us one step further in bringing dignity, respect, and affirmation to every transgender person in our state. I’m grateful to Governor Murphy and our lawmakers — both Republicans and Democrats — for ensuring that equality reaches everyone in New Jersey.”

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