April 15 will make it difficult for you Aries

aries sign
Aries (Mar21-Apr20): April seems not so supportive for you. While dreams and ambitions are inflated by Mars being sextile Neptune in your chart, and you have no difficulty framing an action plan, impediments, even during your New Moon on April 15th make it difficult to get anything started. You are a fine vehicle with transmission issues.


Taurus signTaurus (Apr 21-May20): The long, slow progress of Saturn retrograde this year begins under your April Moon, but seems less of a hindrance to you, during your birthday month, than it is for others. It seems that you will be able to utilize this “time out” to reassess, rather than get worked up over its limiting nature. While it might feel like a prison for some, for you it’s a temple.


Gemini signGemini (May 21-June 21): A certain new flamboyance seems to be in the cards for you this spring. The Sun being conjunct Uranus mid-April triggers some dramatic change in appearance, in your case, and the New Moon in May only solidifies this devil-may-care attitude. The tendency is for you to reveal whatever you have been concealing, and now you can be truer to yourself.


Cancer signCancer (June 22-July 22): April finds you entertaining us all with tales of elaborate plans and notions, making you something of an Scherazade. It’s not that you don’t actually plan on doing some of the things you speak of; no, in your mind, conceiving them is the same as doing them. However, with your Moon in opposition to Saturn and mars, these will remain in the realm of fiction, alas.


Leo signLeo (July 23-Aug 22): If feeling less than loveable, your Moon being square the Sun, Uranus and Jupiter retrograde the end of April will goad you into overcompensating by gifting all and sundry with things they don’t need, and that you can’t afford. This pattern continues through the spring. It might be best to dirvert this impulse away from depleting you bank account, and to offer your time and talents instead.


Virgo signVirgo (Aug 23-Sept 22): Try to curb the tendency for your words to be harsher than your thought intends, as this is the direction they take when your Moon is square Venus while Mercury is square Saturn. If you can hold back in April, you will find that you have greater credibility to speak your mind in May, your words being tempered by the planets being better aligned with your Moon.


Libra signLibra (Sept 23-Oct 22): There’s a tendency, in April, for you to overestimate your stamina, and your ability to answer any call, any request, with dispatch and efficiency (and trust me, the calls will come). You’re in danger of being so exhausted that May is spent on a couch, with a damp cloth on your forehead, if you don’t learn to say no, occasionally.


Scorpio signScorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21): You have your own Blue Moon in April, it being your sign which starts and ends the month. Woe be to those who disrupt your plans; your Moon being in opposition to Uranus has you obliterating anyone or anything that stands in your way. Are you easy to get along with? Yes, as long as all submit to your will. Your sign being well aspected to Saturn and Jupiter means you get to set the pace.


Sagittarius signSagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21): Mercury throws you a curve ball the beginning of April, it being square to your Mars and Saturn, while trine the Moon. This has you brooding over your own faults, and those of others, until you can’t resist spitting out your opinion, with great vigor. Same holds true in May; you are such a joy.


Capricorn signCapricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19): In a context with Scorpio’s of your acquaintance, you are the clear winner for team leader. Venus and Saturn are on hand to keep you driven and focused, but in your case Mars and Venus are as well, allowing you to be both competent and compassionate. We can all trust you advice, this time around.


aquarius signAquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18): My dears, it seems like you’ll be feeling like also-rans, and not to great success; Saturn and Uranus, your ruling planets, have lent their better qualities to other signs (such as Capricorn), leaving you with the scraps. April finds you lashing out at real or imagined slights; May finds you in a better frame of mind, but you still feel ignored.


Pisces signPisces (Feb 19-Mar 20): You are a great nurturer this season, not that this comes as a surprise. This tendency kicks into overdrive April 12th, when your Moon is sextile Venus, mars and Saturn, while conjunct Neptune. Grace and compassion exude from your every pore, and all that come into contact with you will benefit from your presence. I know, it’s a lot to live up to, but give it a try.