Anti-gay group NOM may be in more trouble


National Organization for Marriage (NOM) probed for financials again

“NOM still refuses to release its 990 IRS filings for 2007 and 2008 as required by Federal law.  Californians Against Hate (CAH) has requested these tax records numerous times, but still no response from NOM.  What are they hiding?” asks Fred Karger of CAH.

The Princeton New Jersey based organization NOM says it has spent $6 million to block gay marriage in several states since it was organized in 2007, including $1.8 million to place an amendment on the ballot in California that repealed gay marriage there last year. The campaign to repeal same-sex marriage in California was fueled in large part by the Mormon church according to LGBT activits. Critics say the church began the effort by recruiting Maggie Gallagher of Ossining, NY – who has forged a career writing about marriage for conservative think tanks – to establish NOM.
The California Fair Political Practices Commission is investigating complaints that NOM operates as a front for the Mormon Church and that the church failed to report millions of dollars in non-monetary contributions to the campaign.