Anthe Zacharias – Celebrates 80 years of life as a vibrant pioneer of the art world


Tucked away in a quiet town in New Jersey is a vibrant and talented artist. In 1938, Anthe Zacharias arrived from Albania and has been painting ever since. Most of her time was spent in the art scene of New York City where she painted at the time of de Kooning and Pollock.

Although she was always on her own as a woman, she had shows at the famous O.K. Harris Gallery, March Gallery, Great Jones Gallery, and many other galleries in New York City.

Anthe Zacharias 1970“In those days, it was rare for a woman to want her own career, let alone a career in art” she said. Oftentimes, her shows were called “one man shows.” When asked if she was part of the feminist movement, she laughed and simply said, “I always loved to paint and nothing has ever stopped me.”


On her 80th birthday, October 25th, there was a show and celebration of Anthe’s work and life at the Yoga Tree Studio in downtown Riverton, New Jersey.


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