An Emotional Meeting Robyn


Meeting Robyn is the true story of a young mother and her son who have to deal with their pain and confusion over his sexual identify. Robert is haunted by his urge to be female and feels trapped in his male form, until he finds his true identity in Robyn. With no handbook or roadmap for these two to go by, they have to find a way. This is their brave and illuminating story.

Gloria Parker is an emotional and courageous writer, and gets to your heart with such a sense of dignity that you invite her in and offer her a drink. She tells this amazing story with gentle and kind candor, you almost forget the violence, but then she jolts you right back to reality.

The life of a transgender person is not easy. This book shows you how incredibly hard and cruel life can be, but it also shows you how strong the human condition and spirit is. Robert feels haunted and trapped in a world of pain and isolation, but eventually finds his/her true identity. This is a very thought provoking and, at times, entertaining read. Gloria Parker transcends all genres and writes a book that could apply to anyone and, in the end, love and laughter prevail beautifully.
This is not only a great read, it would be a great educational tool to help people of all ages understand the issues that transgender people face on a daily basis.

Publisher: White Bird Publications
ISBN-10: 1937690385