AIDS statistics are massively undereported



One would assume there wouldn’t be mistakes when calculating the total number of people in the country infected with HIV/AIDs;  so why is it that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention recently announced that they missed a 40% increase? Instead of the already alarming 40,000 people infected in this country per year, the new statistics show that it has now reached a disturbing 56,000. The findings have been on hold since last year, when the CDC first became aware of them, so that they could be announced at the International AIDS conference in Mexico. The CDC can make all the excuses they w­­ant, but to withhold this information was a deadly move.

Dr. Gerberding, the center’s director, told the New York Times that the statistics were “unacceptable” because no one knew the numbers until a year later. A London journal, The Lancet, claims that “U.S. efforts to prevent H.I.V. have failed miserably.” Stephan Lewis, former envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa, told Democracy Now! that the actions of the CDC were, “completely irresponsible, and it takes one’s breath away.”