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"Weslo's Home-o-Erotic Cookbook

Weslo’s “Home-o Erotic Cookbook

As the summer months start to creep in, and the warm weather starts to help the clothes drop off, poolside and barbecue entertaining is almost officially upon us. As it’s essential to know how to whip up a mean batch of sangria or mix a fantastic Skinnygirl margarita, you still need to be able to have some great cuisine to go along with your cocktails. With that in mind, Weslo’s Home-O-Erotic Cookbook is the perfect summer gift for yourself or your favorite party host.

While standard cookbooks may have shots of gorgeously arranged appetizers and entrees, along with the recipe, this cookbook has a definitely “tastier” take on the standard cookbook. I mean, who doesn’t want Weslo's "Home O Erotic Cookbook"to make a scrumptious ribeye and look at a stunning shot of a gorgeously muscled man with a tattoo sleeve at the same time? Or, you could make a delicious Gouda Mac & Cheese with the model almost being as tasty as the recipe.

This book is much more than a “cheeky” picture book. The recipes are absolutely delicious (I personally made the Weslo's "Home O Erotic Cookbook"Ginger Glazed Salmon and it was easy to make, even for a kitchen novice like myself). The men are gorgeously shot by Adrian Lopez, and Creative Director and Creator Wesley Smoot has packaged the recipes and the eye candy together beautifully, while keeping the recipes functional at the same time. Dolly Parton is quoted in the beginning of the book, with her famous quote, “My weaknesses have always been food and men, in that order.” After checking out the Home-O-Erotic Cookbook I somehow think you will find yourself with the same weaknesses.

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