Actor Alex Ringler is more than a triple threat

Alex Ringler
Alex Ringler

Alex Ringler wears many hats both in his personal life and in his roles in the national tour of Mrs. Doubtfire — The Musical. Ringler is an actor, singer, choreographer, and an accomplished dancer, even in heels! Born and raised in Tempe, Ariz., his mother told him he asked to go into dancing “before I could walk. I don’t recall asking to go and dance but that does sound like me.”

Ringler attended Tempe Dance Academy from age 5 to age 10. He says in high school “I auditioned for the dance department at University of the Arts, in Philly, and that’s when I got my really good hardcore training. Before I graduated, I booked my first tour, which was Cats, and I’ve just kind of been doing about a show a year since then.”

What would you say are your proudest moments so far in your career?

Alex Ringler: It’s kind of like you said, I do a bunch of different things. So, I kind of have a proudest moment of each of those facets. I was very proud when I did the 2009 revival of West Side Story on Broadway (his Broadway debut). I also was really proud when I was in the first, basically, all-gay cast of the rom-com Bros. Then when my web series, Annoyingly Fit Neighbor, started getting into festivals and I won an award in Philadelphia at qFlix Film Festival in 2021, I was extremely proud of that too. I’ve had a lot of milestones along the way.

You’ve done several shows on Broadway and several national tours. Not necessarily which you prefer, but doing the tours must feel more stable.

AR: Yes, because on tour we have a guarantee. We are going to be doing the show in these cities at these times. Whereas when you’re in a Broadway show, every time they call a company meeting, you’re like, are we closing?

There’s pros and cons to everything. It’s great to have these dates out for basically a year of employment. However, it does take me away from New York and takes me away from my loved ones. You’re moving constantly. This tour has a lot of ‘one-weekers.’ But I will say we’re in Cleveland right now and it’s our first three-week run, so that’s kind of been nice to just sit for a minute. But yeah, it’s nice to have the stability of known employment for a year. But because it takes you out of New York, it takes you away from other possible opportunities as well. But when you’re in New York, you don’t know exactly how long you’re gonna last, you can have a general idea but it could go away at any time. We’re seeing Broadway shows now who just announced closing and it seems to be like one after another. And I really wish those were run longer because they sound like great shows.

This is my fourth tour, so I’ve been used to this kind of like, “OK, we do the show, we get up, we move and that’s the life.”

What do you like to do in your off time?

AR: Off time, I hit the gym pretty regularly.

Alex Ringler
Alex Ringler

Annoyingly Fit Neighbor?

AR: Annoyingly Fit Neighbor, indeed. No, that’s the thing. The reason I did that series was I saw myself turning into that guy. I was like, oh, you’re the annoying guy online who was always like, “We can do it if we just say we can!” But I also grew up as like the pimply, fat kid who was like anti-sports and very much into like sitting down and watching Xena. So, I know both sides of that coin.

Also, on my off time, I create my own content. We’re getting together the final edits of this series called Seeking. I used DeMarius Copes, who’s just closed in Some Like It Hot on Broadway, Jackie Cox of RuPaul’s Drag Race fame, and Darius Rose from Nacho Libre. They are our stars and we’re starting to submit to festivals now.

I try to keep myself busy, especially with this show (Mrs. Doubtfire). I want to get to know the show. I want to get the show in my body, make sure it feels good, and then once that happens, I can then say, let’s start working on the next thing.

Alex Ringler
Alex Ringler

Tell me about your role in Mrs. Doubtfire.

AR: I am an ensemble member, which means we do all the big group numbers and a lot of different types of dancing. We have kind of like “pedestrian,” then we have traditional kind of musical theater jazz and there is also tap. I even do flamenco at one point. I also understudy one of the leads, the Stuart Dunmeyer role, which if you’re familiar with the movie, was the Pierce Brosnan role, the one who gets hit by the “run by fruiting” from Mrs. Doubtfire. They kept that in this production. So, not to spoil it, but if you saw the movie….

I see on your social media that you do some drag. Do you do drag in performance?

AR: No, I don’t have a “drag personality.” I don’t go to clubs and have performance dates. I have a lot of friends who do and I’m constantly in awe of their tenacity and their drive. But for me, like anything within the entertainment industry, once they know you can do something, they’ll make you keep doing it. When people knew I was good in heels, oh, well, go audition for this, audition for that and for this. So, I end up doing drag in a lot of the shows I’ve been in and even do a little bit of drag in this show.

I always said if I had a drag name, I’d probably call myself “Madison Lexington Park,” the avenues in New York, but she’s from New Jersey. I wanted her to be from New Jersey.

Alex Ringler
Alex Ringler

Tell us what’s in your future. What do you have on your horizon?

AR: I just started writing a play. And I have an idea for at least one movie. I pitched another movie to a friend of mine who I did a short with, a thriller short called Haunted and I said, I think I could turn this into a feature. I think the overall goal now, I would say, is shooting for “movie star” because then I’ll probably land around “working actor.”

I really like the writing side of things. I really like the producing/directing side as well. Like a Bradley Cooper situation, someone who writes, directs, and also acts. I feel like that would be like a dream to be in the writing room creating things, directing, and still acting. That would be the ultimate goal.

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