Abortion and Halloween… closer than you might think


Report asks for an overhaul of AIDS treatment.

30 years is Enuf: the History of the AIDS Epidemic in Black America is the title of a new authoritative report on the epidemic representing a Black point of view. The report asserts that recent, unprecedented clinical advances provide the necessary tools to end the AIDS epidemic. The report also lays out a roadmap to achieve this ambitious goal, including the call for a massive investment in science and treatment education capacity-building in Black communities.

Casting Aspersions

I have some experience with abortion. My mother was 45 when she became pregnant with me (I was a surprise… in more ways than one) and of course that was risky back then in the Dark Ages. The doctor advised an abortion. There are people to this day who say she should have had one, you may be surprised to learn. I have thus far foiled them all, even though my mother tried to abort me several times when I was in my teens.