A rainbow community grows in Newark


No garish floats, just a brave contingent who gathered to cap off a week’s worth of activities with Newark-Essex Pride Coalition’s first ever gay parade through the streets of downtown Newark. Mere blocks from where 15-year old Sakia Gunn met a violent end for being proudly lesbian, and a stone’s throw from City Hall where for only the second year in a row the rainbow flag boldly waved, June Dowell-Burton described it all as a “symbol of hope that our LGBT sisters and brothers will be able to walk the streets of Newark safely, worship in affirming places and attend schools where their identity won’t be ignored.”

As the founder of Newark-Essex Pride Week and Executive Director of Newark Essex Pride Coalition, Inc., Dowell-Burton also presided over the Newark-Essex Pride Awards dinner which honored those who work tirelessly for our community and rarely receive accolades.