A letter from the publisher

Out In Jersey October/November 2022 20th Anniversary issue cover
Out In Jersey October/November 2022 20th Anniversary issue cover

It is Out In Jersey magazine’s 20th Anniversary

Out In Jersey magazine publisher Peter Frycki
Out In Jersey magazine publisher Peter Frycki

You are reading the 121st issue of Out In Jersey magazine which means this month is our 20th Anniversary! It has been an incredible learning experience for all of us. As I look back and reminisce, I remember so many writers and business partners that I have had the pleasure of working with. The list just goes on and on.

Thank you to our staff, subscribers, and advertisers. We couldn’t publish the magazine without every one of you. Without advertisers and subscribers, the bills would never be paid. Without writers there wouldn’t be any content. And magazine readers make it possible to solicit for advertising. Yes, dear readers, it works both ways. We all need each other.

You may notice that although this is the beginning of our 21st year that our masthead says Volume 27. This is not an error. But why might that be? The Trenton Gay and Lesbian Civic Association is where it all started in 1995. Then in October 2002 Out In Jersey adopted the volume number from our predecessor publication Trenton Out and About. The Trenton based LGBTQ civic group is no longer with us. But we are proud to acknowledge the volume number sequence in every issue.

My mentor and friend, Editor Emeritus Toby Grace, and about a dozen folks were all a very big part of Trenton Out and About and the LGBTQ Trenton civic group before there ever was an Out In Jersey publication. Toby Grace is no longer with us. He is so missed since his passing. But dozens of staff writers, and our Editor Sam Martino, were mentored by him. And they continue in his footsteps.

Back in 2002 the Garden State (North to South) needed its own LGBTQ publication, and I had serious doubts about attempting this endeavor. Toby Grace reminded me and the others, each time we doubted ourselves, of Margaret Mead’s famous quote: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

I do not for one minute believe we can change the world. But I know for a fact that we have helped to change many political minds in the Garden State. I know we have helped many young people find their chosen family, to find allies and new friends, and they have learned to love themselves for who they really are.

I know that change is not always positive — or very quick. But after 20 years I have learned that with perseverance, a good plan, mentors, and good friends, that positive change does happen. As the future unfolds, I hope you discover your dream, make your plans, and find like-minded friends. No one will say it is easy. But you can do it!