A brief history of Out In Jersey magazine


Out In Jersey Inc. and Out In Jersey magazine was founded in October of 2002 to serve the LGBT community of New Jersey. Before 2002, the publication was a local Central New Jersey publication of the Trenton Gay and Lesbian Civic Association called Trenton Out and About (TGLCA ceased operations in Trenton, NJ in 2008).

The original founders were Peter Frycki (current owner and publisher) and Toby Grace (Editor Emeritus). The publication was a newsletter that had grown to over 48 pages as Trenton Out and About and Out In Jersey grew the regional footprint beyond Central New Jersey to cover the entire state and the adjacent areas of Pennsylvania. These areas included: Philadelphia, Bucks County, Stroudsburg and the Lehigh Valley. Later, in 2004, the footprint grew to include a dozen locations in New York City in the Chelsea and Greenwich Village neighborhoods. Then in 2005, the footprint was expanded into Rehoboth Delaware. Additional upstate New York locations and more than 70 new New Jersey locations were added later in 2012.

A new website was launched by the company in 2005 – OutInJersey.net. The website was not fully developed until 2008 when it became a LGBT news and event website portal. It featured news, reviews, commentary, listings and features that could not fit in the print publication.

A comprehensive events page was launched in 2009 to update LGBT New Jersey meetings and events on a daily basis. By this time, the bimonthly printed calendar in Out In Jersey magazine was always dated. It was missing a lot of information by the time it was distributed to subscribers and the 200+ free distribution locations.

The website grew quickly to become the most comprehensive source of LGBT news and events daily for the ever-growing New Jersey gay (LGBT) community. News and events are happening and changing daily. So, today 80% of Out In Jersey‘s available content is only online and updated when needed. This is dictated by the news cycle. The website is very popular and is visited by thousands of “unique” visitors from the local region weekly.

Since 2010, Out In Jersey has added social networking with both Facebook and Twitter feeds that are updated daily. Out In Jersey Inc. has plans to continue its growth in the near future with podcasts and video — and much more yet to come.