“4th Man Out” is captivating and refreshing

New DVD "4th Man Out"
New DVD "4th Man Out"

Car mechanic and charming, sensitive soul, Adam (Evan Todd) plans to come out of the closet to his closest friends — three masculine, sport’s loving, Nike gym sock wearing, borderline homophobic, straight men.

After a night spent celebrating his birthday with his “bros” and undergoing a host of heavy drinking, Adam wakes by the side of his best friend Chris (Parker Young), quite flippantly admitting to him that he is gay. With his two other friends close by, Adam’s well intentioned, but awkward delivery quickly turns into quite uncomfortable hysteria. Thus begins Adam’s journey, or even more, his friends’ journey towards understanding and acceptance of a new dynamic in an intimate group of guys.

New DVD "4th Man Out"
New DVD “4th Man Out”

With his three friends by his side, Adam ultimately learns to navigate heart’s desire for romantic love, while balancing it with the parts of his formerly “straight” life that he loves the most.

In 4th Man Out, director, Andrew Nackman, and writer, Aaron Dancik, paint a phenomenal, hysterical, picture of what it’s like for an average, small town guy to come out in his 20s, while also bringing to light the understanding of stereotypes.  For any guy having had a positive coming out experience with the support of their guy friends, 4th Man Out is the perfect film to remember one’s story of self-discovery.

Here’s to Nackman and Dancik for producing such an easy to fall in love with, hysterical and thoughtful storyline that points viewers towards the growth of authenticity in friendship and the value of love within diversity. 4th Man Out won’t disappoint in its captivating, refreshing, and fun offering.


Johnny Walsh
Johnny Walsh is Out In Jersey’s style and design editor. He is a pianist, writer, and entrepreneur who has performed in over 20 states and two countries. Johnny is passionate about human rights, creativity, and the arts, and longs for the sentiment of social justice to flow through his writing.