223 Songs of Pride from 2023

Rainbow flag with musical notes

Here’s a (not) crazy idea: What if there was an unbelievable abundance of great music by Out musicians? But that’s true! And it shouldn’t be a secret.

June, Pride Month, may be over, but I wanted to wait until the flood of June Q releases by Q folks was over before posting a playlist that encompasses the riches in the first half of 2023. I look forward to playing — listening to — enjoying these New Q Tunes for many months and years to come.

Probably you will not like all of them. 

But that’s what’s GREAT about all the New Q Music arriving these days: 

We Are Everywhere!

In every genre I look at, in many parts of the world, GREAT Music By, For, and About Q Folks arrives weekly. Hell, it’s great that lots of not-so-great Q music arrives weekly. Different strokes for different folks, for one thing. My meh might be your banger.

Speaking of, unlike practically every other “Pride Music” list out there, this one LOOKS FORWARD, not backwards. Much as well-known bangers from years past predominate those lists, this list wants you to take pride in the spectrum of LGBTQ people creating exciting new music in a varied range of styles — genres — blends.

So you won’t get obvious faves from Lady Gaga (who I love. Sincerely.) or recent breakthroughs from Lil Nas X (a groundbreaking performer, no doubt. Respect.) But your Bi-hetero-leaning Diva for this excursion will be played by Kesha. And Sam Smith will bring their chart topping voice along too. 

Largely you could probably maybe not recognize many or most of the musicians on this list. But I can guarantee you two things: Each has a dedicated fanbase that loves them. And I love each of these tracks. 

Of course they are often very different. Don’t you appreciate the different personalities of your friends? Like friends, different songs bring out different facets of yourself. So please, be open to musical diversity, where a voice that might be out of place elsewhere expresses the song perfectly in their genre, where a sense of scale that sounds off in one context is perfect in another. Give songs more than 10 seconds to impress; many of these tracks evolve into something new later. 

I very much hope to leave this playlist here as just one small selection — out of literally thousands of fine tracks released just this year — to serve as a sample and an example of SO MUCH GOOD MUSIC!! If you’re just listening to what you always listen to, make the small choice to hear more of what else is OUT. 

Please support these musicians: Purchase their music. 90% of them finance recording — rehearsal — publicity themselves with funding from their fan bases. Streaming helps a little, but buying direct from musicians is even better. Contact info is forthcoming; meanwhile almost everyone on Spotify has links to their Facebooks, Twitters, Instagrams.