“140 Miles of Life” is excellent beach reading and kicks a$$

Book cover of
Book cover of "140 Miles of Life" by Veronica Carrera

Carrera’s journey changed her life, and it may change yours as well

When I started to read Veronica Carrera’s memoir 140 Miles of Life, I had that rare experience of falling into a book. I could hear the people speaking from her memory, and I felt myself in a very visual sense watching the action unfolding before me. I. Was. Hooked. 

Carrera tells her story in a series of scenes, very like a screenplay, where the action flashes back then forward and with the narrative provided, a portrait of a warrior emerges.

If you’re a fast reader or whether you prefer to savor the book, you are well served. In fact, fast readers would benefit from a second pass during that beach vacation as there are always extra nuances. Carrera provides a lot of insight into her early background, her conversion as a youth to the Mormon/LDS church, and her transformation into an Iron Man competitor. All this even though when this triune event was first suggested to her, she couldn’t swim! 

What does it take to overcome a personal fear to accomplish your personal best?  Read on and find your inner warrior in the true-life memoir Carrera shares. Her journey changed her life, and it may change yours as well.

Veronica Carrera’s book 140 Miles of Life is available wherever fine books are sold (ISBN: 9781956635041).  It makes excellent beach reading and even better gifts for grads and friends.