11 tips to plan for NYC Pride this weekend

New York City Pride 2016 photo
New York City Pride 2016 photo

NYC Pride is a massive annual event that brings together thousands of people from around the country — and around the world. Originally created as a way to fight for LGBT rights, Pride is the ultimate celebration of the gay community. Are you heading to NYC Pride this year?

Here are 10 survival tips from Pride pros.

1. Book a hotel along the parade route. It will make costume changes, freshening up and potential hook-ups more convenient.

2. Be fashionable, but also comfortable. The long days on your feet might wear you down, so make sure you’re comfy without sacrificing your shine, of course.

3. Don’t skip The March on Sunday at noon — it’s one of the highlights of Pride Week and the best time to express your gay pride.

4. Buy your tickets to any special Pride events ahead of time; you’ll save money and time.

5. Get dressed for the occasion, including, but not limited to, rainbow flags, excessive glitter and multi-colored wigs.

6. Save your feet and your pride and wear flat shoes- leave the heels to the professionals.

7. Carry cash for food, drinks and, most importantly, tipping the go-go dancers.

8. If you’re over 21, make sure you head to the VIP Rooftop Party. If not, there’s always Youth Pride on Saturday.

9 . If you are partying sober, check the Gay And Sober site to stay tuned for all the dry- but fun- during the Pride.

10. Plan on not going to work on Monday; it’s tradition.

11. Finally, remember that Pride was created as a response to political oppression towards and violence against the LGBT community. Know the history and respect the mission behind the glitz and glamour.