“Star Trek” is back and it’s gayer than ever

CBS series
CBS series "Star Trek Discovery"
Star Trek Discovery is unlike any Star Trek series

CBS joined in on the “reboot” fun this past fall when Star Trek Discovery debuted on its “All Access” paid streaming service. Discovery was unlike any Star Trek TV show that came before it in a few ways.

"Star Trek Discovery" cast.
“Star Trek Discovery” cast.

First, the series format switched from the usual episodic formula where stories begin and end in the same episode to a more serial format where storylines progress over the entire season. The first half of the season deals with one story and the second half of the season deals with another more intense storyline. It is actually pretty mind blowing.

The second way this series is different from any other Star Trek series is that it is the first where the main character is NOT the captain of the starship. And the third way it differs from those that came before it is that it features the first ever-intergalactic gay couple. That’s right, they boldly go where no gay man has gone before.

The openly gay male couple made waves online 
"Star Trek Discovery" couple.
“Star Trek Discovery” couple.

The inclusion of an openly gay male couple made waves online last year as it broke new ground. I know you’re thinking that George Takei, the actor that played Mr. Sulu in the original Star Trek series, is an openly gay actor. And this is very true. That being said however, his character in the show was not gay.

In Discovery, both the ship’s chief medical officer is gay and his lover is the ship’s chief engineer. Spoiler Alert: The medical officer is killed off in the first season. So, unless there are other gay men on the ship I wouldn’t expect to see a gay couple in season two, which sucks. But it is of course possible.

The couple is very prominently featured in the season. A large portion of the storyline revolves around them in one-way or another. Both actors portraying the gay characters (Anthony Rapp and Wilson Cruz) are easily recognizable from other television shows and movies. They were both in 13 Reasons Why. And they were individually featured in, My So Called Life, (Cruz) and the 1987 cult classic Adventures in Babysitting (Rapp).

CBS will reboot Star Trek: The Next Generation
"Star Trek" star Sir Patrick Stewart
“Star Trek” star Sir Patrick Stewart

Star Trek was in the news again recently when it was announced that CBS will further expand the franchise as it will reboot Star Trek: The Next Generation. On top of this major announcement it also was revealed that none other than Sir Patrick Stewart will be back. Stewart will reprise his role as Captain Jean-Luc Picard! This is of course huge news for Trekkies as Star Trek: The Next Generation was arguably the most successful Trek franchise to date.

Discovery returns for its sophomore season later this year. You can watch season one of Discovery by joining the CBS All Access streaming service