“Sense8” may be the most homoerotic TV show of all-time

Scene from
Scene from "Sense 8"

Is Sense8 the most homoerotic TV show of all time? I think it very well might be. From the creators of The Matrix Trilogy, the Wachowski sisters, this LGBT friendly show features a transgender woman and a gay man as two of the lead “Sensate” characters.

You might remember that when the Matrix movies were in theaters their creators were the Wachowski brothers. Since that time, both Wachowski siblings have become transgender women, hence The Wachowski sisters. Their personal transformations were undoubtedly the inspiration behind the controversial Nomi (formerly Michael) character. Nomi is a transgender female computer hacker who falls in love with another woman, and the two share many on-screen sexual encounters that leave very little, if anything, to the imagination.

Sense8Sensates are a different breed of human being that exist in groups of eight and are deeply connected to each other. Since the Sensates are connected telepathically to one another within their 8-person “cluster”, they are rarely present in the same place at the same time.

Spread out in various cities around the world, The Sensates eventually all meet up in person for the first time for the series finale. The various filming locations demanded that the budget for this show be one of the largest in Netflix history. Unfortunately Netflix canceled this show, but due to an overwhelming social media campaign Sense8 fans were able to compel Netflix to produce a two-hour series finale.

Scene from "Sense8"
Scene from “Sense8”

Full frontal nudity is a staple in Sense8 the most homoerotic TV show. We are shown the German Sensate Wolfgang’s penis on more than one occasion. I should mention that when one Sensate is having sex, all the others may join in and participate regardless of their location on the Earth. This made for two of the largest orgy scenes ever in television. The term “Cluster F*ck” was given a whole new deeper meaning via these explicitly wild-hot group sex scenes. During these scenes, even the straight male Sensates hook up with other straight males within their cluster as a way of showing the audience that the cluster members are so intimately connected, that sex between them is more akin to masturbation for them. To take things one step further, during a recent Pride parade all of the male cast members were on a float and began making out with each other in real life! This was certainly an ingenious publicity stunt perpetrated by the show’s creators. But who cares. It was hot AF!

"Sense 8" Pride float
“Sense 8” Pride float

The Sensate known as Lido began the series as a closeted gay telenovela actor in Mexico City. He is a popular sex symbol in the straight world. Graphic pictures of him and his boyfriend Hernando having anal sex were made public. He is then outed on a national scale. This created a situation where the two gay men had to navigate trying to save Lido’s career amidst the controversy. The two men are very often wearing nothing but thongs and often are shown having anal and oral sex. In one scene Lido remembers first meeting Hernando at an art museum and performing oral sex on him in the men’s room. Lido likened the experience of swallowing his man for the first time to receiving Holy Communion at church. Some pretty vivid imagey there.

I can only imagine the reaction of a hetero viewer. I believe it was for reasons such as these that the show was cancelled. Alas… we still have two seasons to binge-watch while trying to conceal the inevitable growing bulge in our pants. I suggest you do just that. You’ll enjoy it.