Is TV ready for a lesbian Batwoman? It better be

Batwoman Ruby Rose
Batwoman Ruby Rose
The CW network has created quite a stir

With all of the superhero TV shows currently airing on various platforms it seems only natural that the mega-popular DC Universe would be expanding to include even more Batman-related content. The CW network announced recently that Batwoman is on her way to a screen near you. You probably heard about this already if you are even a casual TV viewer. It has created quite a stir. What is this controversy about? Simply stated, CW has chosen a lesbian to play this part.

Batwoman Ruby Rose
Batwoman Ruby Rose

The actress chosen is Ruby Rose, star of Orange Is The New Black. The tatted up, drop-dead-gorge actress will undoubtedly bring a new level of sex appeal to the Batwoman character. What is funny about this controversy is that the Batwoman character herself is a lesbian. Sometime around 2006, DC Comics reintroduced Batwoman aka Kate Kane as a lesbian. So doesn’t it make perfect sense to cast a real-life lesbian actress as Batwoman?

CW network said a Batwoman series is in the works

As of now, the plan is for The CW to debut the Ruby Rose as Batwoman character during the yearly DC Universe Crossover Event this Fall. The crossover episodes always get huge ratings for The CW network, so it really is a perfect time to debut the new character while many new eyes are on the product. The CW network has revealed that a Batwoman series is also in the works, and will indeed star Ruby Rose as the lead character.

Batwomen series on CW promo pictureIt is unknown exactly when this new series will debut. But it will be greatly anticipated by CW and DC fans alike. For those keeping track, this will be the fifth series falling under the CW’s DC Universe. That is a lot of crossover characters to keep track of! Currently Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl all have crossover episodes yearly, so adding another series into the mix will cause the writers to

DC Comics "Batwomen"
DC Comics “Batwomen”

experience many Excedrin headaches as they intricately storyboard and plan out all of the superhero action.

Ruby Rose is actually an Australian-born actress, and her first major TV role in the US was in Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black. Rose made such a great impact on the popular streaming show that she was then cast in a few major motion pictures. She appeared in films like “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter,”xXx: Return of Xander Cage,” “John Wick: Chapter 2,” and “Pitch Perfect 3.” She will also star in the upcoming action-horror film “The Meg.”

Will the crossover episodes make as big of a splash as predicted?

Amidst the recent controversy over her being cast in this role, Ruby actually “quit” using Twitter and deactivated her account. I guess she was tired of seeing endless negative tweets about herself and the casting decision. We will have to wait for the crossover episodes to air to see if the Batwoman character makes as big of a splash as predicted. Check your TV listings later this Fall to see when the episodes will air.