Ladies 2000 parties – The beat goes on

Diane Lusk 2013Out Profile

Entrepreneur Diane Lusk of Ladies 2000 recalls her first exposure to the club scene for gay women: it was several decades ago at "some hole in the wall," a moment in time that actually induced her to bite her finger and say to herself, "This isn't me."

The silence of Transgender domestic violence

Transgender Day of RemembranceDomestic violence is often regarded as a "silent crime." Most abuse is not reported or spoken about for a variety of reasons, but it is something that pervades society across all classes, races, and sexual orientations.


D.R.A.G. Jeffree Star photo by Austin YoungFrom meeting Bea Arthur to working with legends like Chad Michaels, author Christopher Logan has always gravitated toward strong women. With the re-release of his book "d.r.a.g.," he's giving us another chance to celebrate some of the world's most amazing drag queens, all captured by some of the industry's top photographers.

Pisces: Decide whether you’re being smothered or embraced

My Stars by Madame Zzaj, Romanian Queen of all Queens

saggittariusSagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21):

Do try to not allow the word "no" to be your calling card and ID badge. It's difficult when Mars is sextile Uranus in one's chart (as it is in yours), but vetoing every suggestion for fun so you may wallow in your despair gets tiresome.

PAWS has a forever pet for everyone

Hazel in carFounded in 1977, PAWS (Pound Animal Welfare Society of Montclair, Inc.) is an animal rescue and shelter organization dedicated to the humane treatment of animals and facilitating pet adoption for stray and abandoned cats and dogs in its community.

Remembering Two-Spirits this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving-Two-SpiritAs I prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday, I am reminded of the autumnal harvest time's spiritual significance. As a time of connectedness, I pause to acknowledge what I have to be thankful for. But I also reflect on the holiday as a time of remembrance - historical and familial.

Transgender People are invisible in most data surveys says new report

Trans symbolTransgender people and other gender minorities have long been an invisible group in population- based surveys says a recent report. Due to a lack of data they are also under- represented says the GenIUSS Group.

Tenderloin’s LGBT story survives in San Francisco

Paul Lee (left) and and Louie Lopez stand outside Aunt Charlie's Lounge, one of the last gay bars in the Tenderloin. Photo Seth Hemmelgarn.San Francisco's Tenderloin neighborhood has a colorful history and was once the center of gay life in San Francisco. Grittier than the Castro, which in the late 1970s overtook "The Loin," as it's sometimes called, as the city's gay hub, the neighborhood is just blocks away from City Hall.

Montana joins the marriage equality states

wedding bands over rainbow flagMontana's marriage ban was overturned by a federal judge, making it the 34th state in the nation to allow same-sex marriage.

We want more because we deserve more

Sam Martino is the editor of Out In Jersey magazineEditor's Letter:

We go to the places that welcome us with open arms and wide smiles. Whether it is a gay bar, a leather bar, a home of your friend's, a vacation in Uganda... No, you wouldn't go on vacation in Uganda, because if you are an LGBT person, you know that you are not celebrated in Uganda.