Why did Fox News distort the Chris Christie record?


Fox News really does not like New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. The "fair and balanced" news network is so afraid of Christie in the upcoming 2016 GOP presidential primaries that they have begun to blatantly distort or ignore his actual record on same- sex marriage. Yesterday, Fox News attempted to paint Christie as a moderate compromiser.

Trans lunacy or just media lunacy?

Barbara Casbar SipersteinEnough is enough! This was not the story I wanted to read on Christmas. 'The Grinch who stole the trans movement:' Transgender solider Chelsea Manning launches Christmas attack against Caitlyn Jenner for her behavior after coming out.

The Women’s March on Washington highlights old and new tensions

The number of people who took to the streets for Women’s March on Washington in D.C. and its sister marches across the country, and...

A long night begins

Casting Aspersions This is a sad day indeed. To see some of our worst enemies glowing with the pride of victory is a hard thing...

Stay focused, diligent and be proactive

Publisher's letter The long election cycle has ended. But it is not a result that LGBTs expect to be happy with. Progressive activists and...

LGBT Pride events display disparities

June is Pride Month for LGBT communities across the country — and parades abound. While we all rev up each June for pride so,...

Editors IN Box – Pride is Visibility

Out In Jersey magazine Editor Sam MartinoJune is the month when our visibility is most prevalent and pride is celebrated all over the world, we come out in droves to show that we are proud of who we are. We stand together. New Jersey has been showing its pride for 23 years with their spectacular celebration in Asbury Park, but June is not the only month that we are visible.

Our future is now

Editor's Letter This year’s Pride, I feel, will be one of the most important to take place since Stonewall. We have seen so many...

Creep of the Week: Manny Pacquiao

PacquaiaoCreep of the Week

Let's pretend that it's your job to get punched in the head over and over and over again by muscular men who train for hours every day with the specific goal of hitting you harder. Granted, you also hit these men in the head, but that doesn't change the fact that getting punched is your job. And you do this for years.

Vaporizing Stonewall

Commentary I'm writing about an issue that sheds new light on a subject we all think we know: Stonewall.  Earlier this week, my husband Jason,...