White gay men are not the culprits gentrifying Harlem

Rev Irene MonroeIn New York City, building 1644 on Park Avenue is gone. So, too, is building 1646. On March 12th witnesses and residents of the area all reported hearing an explosion before the buildings leveled leaving plumes of dust where they once stood. Tremors from the fiery blast were felt more than a mile away. The night before the conflagration the smell of gas was detectable.

Creep of the Week: Brian Brown

They're baaaaaaack. The National Organization for Marriage, that is. Though, they never really went anywhere. They were just stuck in place for awhile during...

Tuesday, November 5th is election day


Today is election day in New Jersey. Polls open early and close at 8 pm. At the moment, it looks like Republican Chris Christie will once again rule the Garden State, no matter what. Gubernatorial hopeful Barbara Buono, a progressive democrat, is devoutly pro- LGBT but appears to wither under Christie's notoriety. Nonetheless, we have to vote into office her and many others who can protect and advance the banner of LGBT rights in New Jersey.

Dump the acronym

Casting Aspersions LGBTQIWXYZ ... where does it end? The unpronounceable acronym our movement has saddled itself with is patently absurd and it gets more...

Breaking News!!!! Shocking! Terrifying!

Now that I have your attention, where shall we go with this? Since we have now entered the era of “alternative facts,” in which...

President Trump is one example why we need Black History Month

It is Black History Month, a national annual observance since 1926, honoring and celebrating the achievements of African Americans. To commemorate its start President Trump hosted a “listening session”...

Activist basics for the Trump era

Regardless of where we sit — or where we toss and turn — during these long nights since the United States presidential election, many...

Creep of the Week: Randy Thomasson

Remember when you got your driver's license and under gender  you had to choose Male, Female, or AIDS? Of course you don't! Three gender...

Trans lunacy or just media lunacy?

Barbara Casbar SipersteinEnough is enough! This was not the story I wanted to read on Christmas. 'The Grinch who stole the trans movement:' Transgender solider Chelsea Manning launches Christmas attack against Caitlyn Jenner for her behavior after coming out.

Why did Fox News distort the Chris Christie record?


Fox News really does not like New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. The "fair and balanced" news network is so afraid of Christie in the upcoming 2016 GOP presidential primaries that they have begun to blatantly distort or ignore his actual record on same- sex marriage. Yesterday, Fox News attempted to paint Christie as a moderate compromiser.