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David Hoffman is an Asbury Park legend

David Hoffman at Pride Network Awards in October 2013. Photo by Peter Frycki.David Hoffman is a true Renaissance man. He has bartended at most past and current clubs in Asbury Park and has performed weddings. He is sort of the resident Asbury Park "historian" for anyone who wants to know pretty much anything about the local LGBT culture for the past decades. He remembers places like the M&K and the Odyssey from back in the "good old days."

No gay animals on Noah's ark

Rev. Irene MonroeLike many Russell Crowe fans, I ran to see Darren Aronofsky's controversial film "Noah" on opening day. While the iconic image of Noah is that of an old guy with a long untrimmed white beard, this movie version of the Biblical patriarch is one you could never imagine. And Crowe, as Noah, does a fantastic job taking viewers to an unimaginable world.

Asbury Park's Jersey Pride has Endurance

Laura Pople at Pride Network Awards at Hotel Tides last October. Photo by Peter FryckiWhen you have been involved in any activity for 22 years, the history of that activity is in your DNA. That is certainly the case for me with Pride. You cannot help but make comparisons from year to year. How did this year's event compare to last year's. What is going on in the GLBT movement this year versus our first year? What do the most recent year's legislative advances look like in the context of our first decade of Pride? 

The BROTHER Project expands with Sunday Socials

Gary Paul Wright Recently, President Obama announced My Brother's Keeper, a new initiative to help African American and Latino young men become successful individuals. The media commented that the president got personal presenting this initiative. Some may call it personal, and also passionate.

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