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Point Foundation helps LGBT students overcome challenges

Some of the Point Foundation scholarship recipientsThe Point Foundation announced its 2016 class of Foundation Scholars, as well as the launch of its new Community College Scholarship Program, which awarded scholarships to its first class of eleven students. Mel Ferrara of Pompton Plains, NJ was a scholarship recipient. 

Summer Lovin'

PRIDE On the Isle of JerseyOut of the Broomcloset

Well, the Summer Solstice is also the Full Moon in June this year (June 20, if you haven’t been keeping track), and occurs as the Sun passes into Cancer. In the hemisphere in which most of the readers of Out In Jersey reside, it’s also the longest day of the year.

The big tent of guilt

Out In Jersey magazine Editor Emeritus Toby GraceThe Republican Party has in the past famously claimed to be a “big tent” in which all are welcome. This is certainly true in that everyone is welcome to either toe the party line or shut up. Never was this more obvious than in the June 20th votes on gun control.

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